Electric Ladyland letters
Writer Jimi Hendrix
Recipient Reprise Records
Date 1968
Location Denver, Colorado


          Dear SirS.
             Here are the pitcures we would like for
      you to use anywhere on the L.P. cover. preferably inside and back
     without the white frames around some of the B/W ones.
    and with most of them next to each other in diffrent sizes
                                            and mixing the color
                                             prints at diffrent
Rough Sketch
  of L.P                                      for instance

 and OUTSIDE                                                color
                                                  please use Pitcure
                                                with  us and the kids
                                               on the statue for front
                                               or BACK COVER - (OUTSIDE)
                                                  and the other
                                               back or Front side,(outside)
                                                                  (cover  )
                                                Please use three
                                               GOOD Pitcures of us.
                                                IN B/W or color

     we would like to make an apoligy for
     Takeing so very long to send this  but we have been
     working very hard indeed ,doing shows AND

More to come...