101st Airborne letter
Writer Jimi Hendrix
Recipient Al Hendrix
Location Fort Campbell, Kentucky


Page I.                    PVT.James Hendrix
                            HQ#260. BO11JMNT.BV
                           101# AIRBORNE DIV.
                            Fort Campbell Ky.

  Dear Dad.___

     Well, here I am- Excatly where I
 wanted to go- In the 101ST AIRBORNE--
 How are you and Leon, and every body? Fine,I
 really hope- Well, It is pretty rough , but
 I can't complain and I don't regret far-
 We jumped out of the 34ft. tower on the 3rd day
 we were here - It was almost fun--
 we were the first 9 out of about 150 in our
group - When I was walking up the stairs
 to the top of the tower ,I was walking nice
and slow , just taking it easy -- there
were 3 guys that quit when they got to
the top of the tower -you can quit anytime.
And they took one look outside and just quit.
Page II.

        And that got me to thinking when
     I was walking up those steps -
      But I have it made in my mind that what-
     ever happens ,I'm not quitting on my own-
     Anyway,   When I got to the top,this jump
     master snapped these two straps onto my
     harness and stapped me on the butt and 
     said,right in my ear, "Go, Go, GO! 
     I hesitated for a split-second and the
     next thing I knew,I was falling ___ All
     of a sudden ,when all the slack was taken
     up on the line,I was snapped like a
     bull-whip and started bouncing down the
     cable like this_

     While I was slidding down, I had my
     leg's togather,hands on the "reserve",
     and chin tucked "into" my chest ___ NOT LIKE
                                            CRAZY PITURE
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